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You may search for your username or try to reset the password by clicking here.

Usernames must be all lower-case characters and contain no spaces or other characters. You can use any letter and/or number in your username and password. Email addresses, all lower case, are often used as usernames.

Passwords must be at least EIGHT or more characters and have at least ONE number.

Someone may have already registered using the email address at the training site. If this is the case, you can register by entering a placeholder email address with domain “”, e.g: You may try to reset the password by clicking here.

You may have misspelled your username. If the site does not recognize your username, it will ask you to create a new learner account. Please note that usernames are always lower-case letters and/or numbers with no spaces.

No. You should log in using your original account information. You can update your account with your new email address after logging in by clicking on your name in the menu and then clicking on Profile. If you are having difficulty logging in, try resetting your password here.

You may try to reset the password by clicking here. If you are unable to reset your password, please contact Technical Support for assistance.

You may have completed the training using a different account. For example, if you registered originally using an email address you no longer use and today you set up a new account with a different email address than before, your new account will not show your previously completed training.

Your background check application must be processed before your training program certificate of completion is issued. The amount of time needed to process a background screening varies and may take several days to over a week. You will be emailed at the address listed in your profile when the training certificate has been issued. If you have not completed either or both the training and the background screening application, please log back into the site to do so.

Each required training course has an expiration date and must be taken again once it has expired.

The background screening process must be completed before your certificate of completion can be issued, assuming you have completed all training requirements. The background screening process may take several days or longer.

If it has been over a week since you completed and submitted your background check application and training and your certificate has not been issued, please contact the diocese OR the screening company as listed on the welcome page after you log into the training site as the Tech Support team cannot assist you with your background screening questions.